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Benefits of joining PIT – UK

There is no cost for joining PIT – UK as an Associate member. Members have the opportunity to take part in discussions with a network of like-minded professionals with an interest in PIT; in addition, members:

– receive regular e-mail updates about forthcoming meetings, events and developments in PIT

– are entitled to attend all group meetings, which take place every other month in Manchester, as well as all continuing professional events run by the group (subject to places being available)

– will have access to a dedicated members’ area on this website, where a variety of useful PIT-related resources will be available for download, including minutes of PIT SIG meetings, PIT articles, manuals for particular clinical presentations, PIT adherence and competence scales, lectures on PIT and related materials

How to join PIT – UK

We are always interested in hearing from people who are interested in joining PIT – UK. Anyone is welcome to join the group as a full member if:

(i) They have a professional training in psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling or another relevant discipline; and

(ii) They have completed the 5 day introductory PIT training course or equivalent (such as the Manchester Clinical Psychology Doctorate module on PIT) OR have some experience of using PIT in their professional practice;

The purpose of this second criterion is to ensure that all members of the group have at least a basic working knowledge of the model, which we believe is necessary if meetings and events are to function effectively.

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