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Most events are on-line between 1-45 and 3pm

Programme of brief seminars complete for 2024

Watch this space for news of the 2025 programme

Booking: Please email laurence@lregan.com 

13 September

Commemorative Event about the life of Robert Hobson (Jointly with ANZAP)

This event marks the 25th Anniversary of the death of Robert Hobson.

To allow for attendance across different time zones it will be 9am to 12-30pm in UK British Summer Time

Booking will be via the ANZAP website- details to follow

8th November 

Annual conference

(All-day in person event in Manchester)

This day is being co-produced with the members of the current practitioner course. We aim to have the programme developed by July 2024

Past events

2024 Recent events

16 February 

Special event: Discussion of PIT, Ethics and professional practice

Frank Margison

PIT-UK has a Policy on Ethics and Professional Practice even though we do not regulate practice directly. The discussion is chaired by Simon Heyland and introduced by Frank Margison.

We will summarise the existing policy (which is easily available on the website- it is in the footer and just click on “Code of Ethics and Professional Practice” and it will download automatically and can be saved from there if needed).

The discussion will cover a wide range of ethical issues for discussion, such as confidentiality when writing up cases, maintaining boundaries, conflicts between different professional codes and more.

We will use this as part of the consultation process to start revising our policy.

Here is the pdf of the presentation

12 April

Professor Else Guthrie

“Psychological Biography: Contrasting examples of Lincoln and Oppenheimer”

This talk will focus on the different styles of psychological biography using biographies of Oppenheimer and Lincoln as examples. One style seeks to understand and construct a psychological narrative of the person under study whilst the other presents facts with little attempt to think about them in a psychological way. 
Both Oppenheimer and Lincoln were extraordinary people with contrasting upbringings and psychological profiles.

Date: Friday 12th April 2024

Time:  1.45-3.00pm

Format: Zoom seminar

7 June 

Mary Lewis

“Manifestations of the malevolent transformation –  using the Conversational Model to work with the darkly disrupted”.

From The Therapeutic Conversation.Vol 1; issue 2; July. 2021.

Cost £20 for members £30 for non-members


20th January 2023

Simon Heyland: “The Use and Meaning of Gesture”

10th March 2023

Rebecca Hughes: “Love and Loneliness”

12th May 2023

Frank Margison: “The Self and Marilyn Monroe”

23rd June 2023


Dr Anthony Korner on Jung and the Conversational Model and Professor Else Guthrie on Reliving in Psychotherapy

7th July 2023

Professor Anthony Korner (in conversation with Dr Frank Margison) on experiences of offering long term Conversational Model in the studies on borderline states

8th September 2023

Anna Phillips: ” A PIT Perspective in use of psychedelics”

24th November (Annual Training Day)

Dan Beales and Simon Heyland: “Introductory Resources – a trans- theoretical approach: For information click below


January 2022

PIT and Psychosis (Liz Murphy)

March 2022

“Baby steps in PIT”: What to do in the early stage of therapy – thoughts for trainees and trainers (Else Guthrie)

May 2022

Developing the Self: self and selves in PIT (Frank Margison)

July 2022

PIT in an acute setting (Paul Culatto)

September 2022

Journey towards PIT (Emma Mullins)

November 2022

Advanced Training Day -Reliving in PIT- working with trauma