CPD Events

2024 CPD Events


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20th January 2023

Simon Heyland: “The Use and Meaning of Gesture”

10th March 2023

Rebecca Hughes: “Love and Loneliness”

12th May 2023

Frank Margison: “The Self and Marilyn Monroe”

23rd June 2023


Dr Anthony Korner on Jung and the Conversational Model and Professor Else Guthrie on Reliving in Psychotherapy

7th July 2023

Professor Anthony Korner (in conversation with Dr Frank Margison) on experiences of offering long term Conversational Model in the studies on borderline states

8th September 2023

Anna Phillips: ” A PIT Perspective in use of psychedelics”

24th November (Annual Training Day)

Dan Beales and Simon Heyland: “Introductory Resources – a trans- theoretical approach: For information click below


January 2022

PIT and Psychosis (Liz Murphy)

March 2022

“Baby steps in PIT”: What to do in the early stage of therapy – thoughts for trainees and trainers (Else Guthrie)

May 2022

Developing the Self: self and selves in PIT (Frank Margison)

July 2022

PIT in an acute setting (Paul Culatto)

September 2022

Journey towards PIT (Emma Mullins)

November 2022

Advanced Training Day -Reliving in PIT- working with trauma